Effect Of Using Whiteboard Animation In Project-Based Learning On Indonesian Efl Students’ English Presentation Skills Across Creativity Levels

Technology has big roles in this 4.0 era. It can be applied effectively in the teaching and learningprocess. This article examines the effect of applying whiteboard animation in project-basedlearning (PjBL) on English as a Foreign Llanguage (EFL) students’ English presentation skills,investigates whether the English presentation skills of EFL students who were taught by usingwhiteboard animation in PjBL differ significantly across creativity levels, and finds out whetherthere is interaction or not between the use of whiteboard animation and the students’ creativitylevels on their English presentation skills. Fifty Indonesian vocational high school students fromtwo intact classrooms were involved and randomly assigned to experimental and control groupsby quasi-experimental design and factorial research design. The quantitative data were gatheredfrom both groups through pre-test and post-test. The analysis showed that students who weretaught through whiteboard animation in PjBL significantly outperformed those who were trainedby using conventional media. It was also found that students’ creativity levels (little-c and mini-c)did not affect their English presentation skills. Then, there was no interaction between whiteboardanimation in PjBL and students’ creativity levels on their English presentation skills. The findingsof the study are expected to be useful for other English teachers especially those who want to applythe same method of teaching in order to achieve the students’ capacity for critical thinking,communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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